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    MarshalledValuePair returned from JNDI lookup

    Kevin Hooke Newbie

      Hi - I have several Session and Entity beans deployed on v3.0.1 on my hosted server. I can lookup and use the beans from my webapp as I would normally expect.

      However, I have a standalone java application that I intend to run on the server as a background cron job to perform to cleanup tasks, which will also be calling the EJBs.

      When I do I lookup to find the home interfaces for my beans, instead of getting something back that I can cast to the home interfaces as I expect, I am getting an instance of something implementing org.jnp.interfaces.MarshalledValuePair.

      Is this normal? I don't get this when I run the app on v3.0.1 running on my PC on Windows XP. Is this something particular to my hosting server's setup?

      I notice this interface has a get() method that returns an Obect - if I call this will I get the home interface as I expect?

      Thanks in advance, Kevin