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    JBoss client running with JDK1.4 against JBoss on a server J

    vgamerma Newbie


      If this is a stupid question I apologize. We have tried to connect to a JBoss (3.2.1) running using JDK 1.3 from a TomCat application on a different PC that uses JDK 1.4.

      We are getting the following exception when trying to lookup any bean:
      local class incompatible: stream classdesc serialVersionUID = 4358098404672505200, local class serialVersionUID = 8774269974037850782
      java.io.InvalidClassException::className == "org.jboss.proxy.Interceptor"

      I have the JDK 1.4 client connecting to a CORBA application that is running under JDK 1.3 so I know that it could work normally.

      Sun's release notes state the UID will not match only if you are referring to a class object from within your code for a nested class (e.g. Foo.class) and we are not doing it.

      Is what we are trying to do even doable?


      Thank you