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    Extremely slow application

    alainsouthiere Newbie


      We are using JBoss as our application server for our EJB server. We have a client application that is started through Webstart.

      In previous installations, everything has worked fine, but we are now encountering some problems at a new client site. Troubleshooting is rather hard because the client is in Australia and we are in Canada. The server is running on a W2K server and the clients are using various Windows versions. We are using JBoss 3.0.4.

      First problem we had was with JNDI. The lookup worked fine, but PortableRemoteObject.narrow() was returning a null. We solved this problem by stoppping the "'Internet Authentication Service". It seems this service was blocking some ports (that's our hypothesis thus far).

      Now, the problem is that each EJB call from the client takes well over 1 minute ! On the other hand, when we run the client on the same computer as the server, everything is normal (when the IAS service is nunning).

      We also verified through traceroute that the server and client are connected directly and are on the same subnet (eg, no hops between the two).

      We suspect some sort of network problem (bandwidth, blocked ports, etc), but are opened to any other possible explanation.

      There are the next steps we are thinking to try out to isolate the problem:

      - Check network performance between client and server computer. What would be the best way to do this ????
      - Try the client app on the same computer as the server app when the AIS service is off.
      - Try running the server app from another workstation, trying the client app both directly on the same computer or another worstation.

      Any other ideas ? Any help greatly appreciated.