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    How to run multi instances in One JBoss

    michaelj Newbie

      Currently, I have two web-apps that sharing a same EJB, but the EJB needs different configurations in different config files to support the two web-apps.
      I can deploy and run the two web-apps with the EJB and config file seperately in jboss-3.2.0_tomcat-4.1.24 correctly.
      But when I try to run them simultaneously in one JBoss, I found that the two ejb instances seemd shared the config file which is owned by the default web-apps.

      Here is the way I tried:
      say, my two web-apps are A and B
      I deploy the A.war to jbosshome\server\default\deploy, and put the EJB jar into the same dir. specify the config file path in the run.bat. then run it with a parameter like " run -c A"

      then, I copy the dir "default" to "webAppB" and deploy my B.war to jbosshome\server\webAppB\deploy, also put the EJB jar into this directory, then I modified several xml files in webAppB and its sub-dirs to change the port settings in order to avoid the conflict with the default one.

      copy the run.bat to run2.bat, and specify the path of config file of the webAppB in this run2.bat and run it by " run2 -c B"

      Could anyone please help me on this problem?