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    JBOSS startup and depolyment

    John Tsimikas Newbie

      When I run JBOSS I sometimes will get deployment errors because of dependency problem between 2 EJBs.

      For example, EJB1 invokes EJB2.

      Because there is a dependency, EJB2 needs to be deployed first, then EJB1 can be deployed afterwards.

      However, it appears that JBOSS is deploying EJBs in an alphabetically manner during the startup. This means that if EJB1 come alphabetically before EJB2 then JBOSS tries to deploy EJB1 which causes the deployment to fail.

      If I manually deploy EJB2 and then EJB1 then everything is fine.

      Is there any way to fix this deployment problem?

      Doesn't JBOSS recognize the dependency? Is there a descriptor I can set to notify JBOSS of this dependency.

      Any help would be appreciated.