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    Do local EJB truly return objects by reference?

    vgamerma Newbie


      Do local EJB's return objects by reference or by
      value? I know they are not being serialized but for
      some reason if I modify a property of an object
      returned (and owned) by a local EJB the data in the
      object within the local EJB does not change.

      I read the spec I thought that I am clear on it so I tried the following code below...

      To illustrate:

      public class MyBean implements javax.ejb.EntityBean {
      B b = null;

      public B addB() {
      b = new B();
      return b;

      public B getB() {
      return b;

      MyBean is deployed as a local bean.
      B class is NOT serializable.

      public class AnotherBean .... {
      public void blah-blah {
      B b = myBean.addB();
      b = myBean.getB();
      // at this point b.getMyField() should return 1
      // but it does not. Is it expected behavior?

      Does JBoss cimply clones the B before returning it from the myBean?

      Thanks in advance.