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    Please-Help-with build.xml-JUnit-Test

    hoboy hoboy Newbie

      Hello forum I want to use JUnit on jboss, so I have download a JUnit Example that has an ant-build.xml.
      Here is where the build.xml is.
      but my confusion is that, when I open build.xml
      I see the following lines that I don't understant at all ,could anybody tell/explaine it to me ?

      ant more lines, but it is those lines that confused me, specialy "value="${basedir}/../3rdpartyand value="${basedir}/../lib"because if build.xml is in C:\JUNITT\junitee-example-1.6.5\example\build.xml, how can you then refer to
      and ?
      when C:\JUNITT\junitee-example-1.6.5\example\build.xml is the current directory for build.xml.
      please help,because i am lost here.

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          Daniel Nanto Newbie


          Hope this is not too late: the build.xml file you are talking about I believe is found in the following directory:


          Ant has a variable called the basedir that referes to the current directory. So, when you declare a property that says:

          it is simply telling ant to go from


          up a directory to


          and then down to 3rdparty. According to your message, this directory exists.