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    MDB & JAAS

    Cat Newbie


      I have a trable when try call secured EJB from MDB.
      Secured ELB requires the principal, but MDB hasn't it.
      Couldn't anybody explain as it must be done?

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          Adrian Brock Master

          You can use <run-as> or do a jaas login.


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            Cat Newbie

            Thank You for reply, :)
            My problem was represented incorrectly. Really, I used Run-as, but this must be linked to predefined Identity (or Principal, this is not matter).
            If I doesn't define unauthorizedIdentity option in to Login configuration, my MDB couldn't have any Principal and security check throwing the SecurityException on principal validation. Therefore while any request (call) must be authentificated we must having the unauthorized principal (in fact this isn't true in JBoss, but this help pass the principal validation). For this add the corresponding option in to login module configuration. I found this decision and think this will be usefull for anybody.
            Thanx of lot, again... :)
            With best regards, ,,,^.^,,,

            P.S. Excuse me my english... ;)