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    application deadlocks

    Vivek Chaudhri Newbie


      I am using JBoss 3.0.0 and using CMP as my persistence mechanism on Oracle 8.1.7. I mark all my getter methods to be read-only on jboss.xml. I see deadlocks when accessing getter methods. I am not sure what will be causing this. I thought that marking the method read-only would solve deadlock problems. The stack trace for the deadlock says that the deadlock is happening when executing a getter method which I said I tagged them as read-only.

      Could anyone please enlighten me what I may be doing wrong. Is there any other way to change the locking mechanism. In the stack trace I also see that I am using pessimistic locking. Is there a way I an tell the container to use optimistic locking. If so, would that solve my deadlock problems. Also I am using commit-option A. That should have resulted in less situation for deadlocks but I am not seeing that. In my application I am mosting doing reads and do very few writes to the database.

      All help will be greatly appreciated.