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    JBoss 3.2.1 Crash

    Alejandro Otero Friere Newbie

      Yesterday I changed my JBoss3.0.0 to JBoss3.2.1 because the memory in the old JBoss grow up (I say the old generation always increase and never decrease, so after some time the JVM hasn't got enought memory and crash with OutOfMemory).

      When I made some test in my test enviroment I saw that the new JBoss did't have this problem, so I decided put it in my production enviroment.
      It worked well for few hours, but after that the Container didn't response. In my log I saw that the were only call to ejbCreate method.
      I don't know what happend, but I think that the part wich attend the other methods crash. In the application log I don't have any errors.

      This problem happended 4 times, so I must put the old version again because I can have the service down.

      Anybody can Help Me about this problem!!!.


      PD: If someone need my configuration file please ask me.