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    Concurrent calls on stateful beans

    Ståle Tomten Newbie


      I know that this does not work, but is there a way around it ?

      We have 3 applications deployed a JRun server running web content, and a JBoss 3.0.1 server running as EJB server., and a orbix corba server running backend services.

      The JRun only connects to the JBoss server. And the JBoss session bean contains state credentials for connecting to the corba server.

      The problem occurs when reloading a page (from JRun) with database content real fast (press and hold F5 causes this pretty quick). So there is actually 2 threads calling the stateful ejb.

      I dont se that there is anything i can do to prevent this from happening on the JRun server. Other that flagging that i am now actually calling the ejb (Synchronize the ejb calls in one way or another.. but this does not seem like good architecture).

      It seems that i need to have both credentials for both orbix and jboss and pass the orbix credentials to the JBoss server whenever it needs to connect to orbix.

      The reason why we havent done this allready is that we didnt want to mix the objects for the Orbix configuration into the JRun server.
      (We want to make all the orbix services into ejb's on the JBoss server... but this will take many months since the orbix system is huge)

      Anyone has any ideas on how to solve this other than using stateless ejb's ?