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    CMP and transactions

    Sven Baumgarten Newbie

      Hi everyone!

      In my application (jboos 3.2.2.RC1) all EJB methods are "required".
      In a session bean I do the following:

      1. Check if a data object exists. Therefor I call an "exist"-method of an other session bean that returns true if finderByPrimaryKey of the entity bean works or false on FinderException.

      2. perform some actions

      3. get some data from the object I looked for in step one. Therefor I call the "getData"-method of the same session bean l called the "exists" method in step one.

      The problem is that if while doing step two the record (used in step one and three) is deleted I would get an FinderException in step three. But I want that all objects I use in a transaction should not be changeable outside my transaction until the whole transaction is completed. So I need repeatable read. Is that configurable?