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    Transaction problem. HELP!

    Anton Newbie

      I am currently using JBoss 3.2.1 + JVM 1.4.0 +MS SQL SERVER 2000

      My session bean AdminFacade has following method:

      public Collection getOutcomeMessages(String clientID) {
      Collection result = new LinkedList();
      Context ctx = new InitialContext ();
      OutcomeMessageLocalHome outcomeLocalHome = null;
      outcomeLocalHome = (OutcomeMessageLocalHome)ctx.lookup (Config.OUTCOME_MESSAGE_REFERENCE);
      Collection msgs = outcomeLocalHome.findByClient(clientID);
      Iterator i = msgs.iterator();
      while (i.hasNext ()) {
      OutcomeMessageLocal outcomeLocal = (OutcomeMessageLocal)i.next ();
      return result;

      where OutcomeMessage is entity bean, and makeDTO method simply constructs DTO object from OutcomeMessage bean fields.

      Sometimes method hangs and throws TransactionRolledBackException after timeout.

      Help me - I can't understand where deadlock is?