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    Signed Applet gets Security Error

    Christian Newbie

      Hi all.

      I have read many many threads, docs, tutorials and so on but cannot get my applet to work. It is a simple applets, that wants to load a EJB from JBoss.

      I signed the applets jar as well as all jboss client jars (jnp-client, jboss-common-client, jboss-j2ee ...) and load all these libraries from jboss. On the client side, i changed my .java.policy to grant the neccessary RuntimePermission:

      keystore "file:/C:/Documents and Settings/Administrator/.keystore";

      grant codeBase "https://wetterwachs.south.de.abb.com/-", signedBy "jetty" {
      permission java.io.SerializablePermission "enableSubstitution";
      permission java.lang.RuntimePermission "org.jboss.security.SecurityAssociation.getPrincipalInfo";

      This should work, as I read, but it doesnt. I still get an security error , stating that the above RuntimePermission is missing.

      I am deeply confused, as I think this should work.

      Please help,