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    JNDI magic -- default discovery sequence

    Michael Kerry Newbie

      What is the default discovery sequence for JNDI lookups? My client seems to figure out where the JNDI server is no matter what I do...it's like magic!

      I mean, I typically use a jndi.properties file to specify the naming url and factory, or I put them on the java line with -D flags. But what if I don't?

      I thought that the "default" was to try localhost:1099. That seems to work. But it still works if I change the port in JBoss to something else (I've used 1098 and 3099). Again, it works in these cases even if I don't supply the correct naming url; I've changed the port and the host in my jndi.properties file to bogus values. The client just "finds" the correct url and the lookups work. Why? Is there some sort of multicast discovery happening here (starting to sound like Jini...)? Is this a JNDI thing or a JBoss thing (i.e., will it work like this for a different AppServer)?

      Yes, this is a question about something that works *too* well...you don't see that much on these forums! ;-)