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    Changing value in ejb-jar.xml file

    Shaun Appleton Newbie

      I can add an environment parameter in my ejb-jar.xml file and reference it successfully in my code.
      My question is how do I update my ejb-jar.xml file when it is zipped up into a *.jar file. If I can't change it and the only way to change it is to rebuild and deploy the jar file, then it might as well have been hard coded. Or should I be putting it somewhere else?

      Thanks in advance,


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          Paul Newbie

          You can unjar (or unzip) the .jar file, change the value in the ejb-jar.xml file, and then rejar the file. Our company did this for a while. However, since we kept having to change the value, we decided to put the information into a property file, which ended up being a much better solution for us.