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    Changed to Tomcat JBoss bundle and JNDI behaved differently

    Marcelo Alcantara Newbie


      I joined a project that had tomcat/jboss (3.0.7-4.1.24) running on different JVMs.

      I then decided to put both of them on the same JVM using the bundle provided by jboss.

      The lookup of ejbs began to fail and after a while I could discover that the java:comp/env/ejb/remote/GroupRoleSessionHome reference that worked before (with them separated) stopped working. To fix that I had to remove the java:.

      What I could find in the forum was the opposite: That the java: was supposed to be used only when the lookup was originated from the same JVM.

      Somebody could try to explain me the reason for this behaviour?

      Thank you!