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    Question on read only method configuration and wildcards

    F Zemen Newbie

      JBoss 3.2.1

      I want to specify that all my get methods are read only, but I have CMR collection get methods that must not be read only (as it causes CMR problems if they are).

      Can I use the wildcard to specify that get* is read only (read-only=true, then specfiy the specific CMR methods (e.g. getUsers) are not (read-only=false) in the jboss.xml?

      In other words, do specific methods override the wildcard entry?


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          Robert Costanzo Newbie

          I've had issues trying to override wilcards in the descriptors for the method tags in both jboss.xml for and ejb-jar.xml (for specificying transaction levels).

          What I know will work is if you do:





          Which is a bit of a pain because you then need to do one stanza per method. But give it a try with the wildcard and overriding it and if it doesn't work you'll get the "can't modify a read-only collection" exception.