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    Scheduler and System crash

    Marcelo Alcantara Newbie

      I have a situation that I could not see anywhere on the Internet, and that would be a good adition to the jboss core.

      1) When using the scheduler, if the system crash on the middle of a scheduled job, the data won't be commited.
      2) When the system come back, it won't execute the scheduled task again. Like if it is a daily job, it only will be executed on the next day.

      Then my question is, what are the workaround for this?

      I am thinking about making a simple serializable class that I would serialize to disk on the beginning of the job and delete it on the end. All the times the constructor of the Schedulable class get executed (when jboss starts), I would check to see if the serialized class is on the disk. If it is, I would force the re-execution of the job.

      Well, I wait the comments of the community.