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    Bean not bound in Tomcat 4.1. / JBoss 2.4 combination

    detla Newbie

      Hallo everyone,
      when I tried to redeploy an old piece of code (I was assured it once ran flawlessly), I got a NameNotBoundException with the above mentioned combination of JBoss 2.4 and Tomcat 4.1.

      I tried to write a small Javaapplication to access the Bean directly - it worked. So, is there a general problem with those two servers or was I too stupid to set up Tomcat correctly?

      Some code for those interested:
      This one works fine (java-app)

      Properties props = new Properties();
      Context ctx = new InitialContext(props);
      Object o = ctx.lookup("LogInEJB");

      This one doesn't (jsp called java class):

      ctx = new InitialContext(System.getProperties());
      LogInEJBHome loginHome =(LogInEJBServerHome)

      where lookup is defined as:
      Object oLookup = ctx.lookup(sName);
      return oLookup
      (+ exceptionhandling)

      where tomcat uses

      ind jndi.properties.

      Interesting enough, the Exception is thrown with contextfactory

      Anyone any idea?
      Thank You,

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          Jon Barnett Master

          Did you put the following in the Tomcat 4.1.x shared/lib directory:

          We've always done this and it works. Some people have reported that placing these jars (or the jbossall-client.jar in later JBoss distributions) in any other place does not work - such as in the WAR.

          Normally your JNDI properties should be:

          I haven't tried Tomcat with a jndi.properties configuration for JBoss. Normally, we would explicitly define properties in the InitialContext and that does work.

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            detla Newbie

            I managed to get around the problem by not using System.getProperties but defining the properties manually, the question remaining is, are those namingfactories incompatible or did I something wrong configuring Tomcat/Jboss?

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              Jon Barnett Master

              Obviously nothing wrong in JBoss since you haven't changed anything on the JBoss system.

              The jndi.properties could be a problem. Certainly the definitions aren't completely standard but you'd need to experiment with it to see the effect. It works in your other example so probabilities would say that this isn't exactly the problem either.

              Possibly Tomcat isn't picking up your JNDI properties. You would need to have picked up and printed the values the System was using to determine if this was the cause. By way of your anecdotal evidence, this is the most likely issue.

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                detla Newbie

                Interesting enough, changing the URI from to localhost:1099 actually is noted by Tomcat, so it reads the jndi properties but seems to ignore the namingfactory settings.
                Anyway, I got working code and am therefore curious but satisfied. Thanks for Your help,