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    IllegalArgument Exception thrown when findByPK

    Xiaoping Gao Newbie

      I am using Jboss2.4.11-Tomcat4.0.6 for my work.
      I have an entity bean(EJB1.1). Its primary key is java.lang.Integer.

      I got IllegalArgument Exception thrown when the findByPrimaryKey for the entity bean is called. I checked the type of argument passed into the findByPrimaryKey method and made sure that it is an Integer object passed. However, it keeps throw the same IllegalArgument Exception. Also, very strange behaviour is that when the Integer object for 101 works fine but not for any other number such as 102.

      By the way, this entity bean is called within another entity bean (all ejb1.1 CMP).

      Could someone shed light on this problem I have?

      Many thanks in advance,