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    Local interfaces from Tomcat?

    Tim Shaw Newbie


      If I return an EntityBean, with lots of relationships, from a SessionBean to a web-app (all from the same ear), can I use Local interfaces throughout? I'm not clear if JBoss/Tomcat are all running in the same VM, or if this violates the cross-process boundaries.

      I realise this removes scalability but if I can't do this, I need to map EB->ValueObject->ViewObject (and back) ... and I would just like to go EB->ViewObject->EB.



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          Jon Barnett Master

          If you are running with the embedded Tomcat then you can use local interfaces - Tomcat is running in the same JVM as JBoss. Tomcat is only in a separate JVM when it is a standalone Tomcat or it is a Tomcat running in a different JBoss instance (in the case where you have multiple JBoss instances running simultaneously).