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    port 1099 problem !

    ansarim Newbie

      i often encounter this problem (i think i'm not alone...) and i really don't know how to fix it !
      When i try to start jboss3.2.1, i have a jvm_bind problem and this is caused by the port 1099. This port is used by the JNDI/RMI process ?
      When i use the "netstat -a" command (under windows 2000), i see that the port 1099 is listening.
      I try to restart my computer but the port is not released :(
      I would like to know which process must i kill to release it ?
      I don't have any 'java" process running under my taskbar.
      I have already encountered this problem and each time, it is solved "by magic"...indeed, after waiting a long, long, long time, the port is released ! but this is not a solution, isn't it ?

      thanks for your help