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    How do you redeploy an updated jar into an ear?

    Neranjana Karunaratne Newbie


      My problem is, I have an ear (not a .ear file but a directory lets say called MyApp.ear and this works in JBoss). I can see all the .jar files inside but the server would not redeploy a .jar with EJBs if I updated the jar. It redeploys the entire ear if I change the MyApp.ear directory. So how do you update an EJB inside an ear without restarting the server or redeploying the entire ear. I've seen in the docs that there is an MBean to update EJBs but what is an MBean? How do you use an MBean? Where's the documentation for MBeans? The official JBoss docs describe every minute detail of MBeans insde JBoss but for somebody who does not know what an MBean is the docs are useless.