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    Bug in Stateful Session Bean passivation (JBOSS 3.2.1)

    Tom Döhler Newbie


      I think I found a bug in Stateful Session Bean passivation. The problem is that sfsb's are never passivated, if the LRUStatefulContextCachePolicy is used. This policy holds a timer thread (RemoverTask) that extends the overager task in LRUEnterpriseContextCachePolicy. The problem is, that RemoverTask overrides the method kickOut(LRUCacheEntry entry) , and only removes the entry from the cache, instead of calling the kickOut() - method in the super class that initiates the passivation of the bean.

      As a result, sfsb's are always removed from cache instead of being passivated, which leeds to a NoSuchObjectException for subsequent invocations for those beans, since JBoss tries to activate a bean that has never bean passivated.

      A proper solution solution is to simply remove the overriden kickOut() mtehod from RemoverTask.

      What is the right way to provide this bug fix to the JBoss project ??

      Bye Tom