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    Blocking on Entity Bean with Reentrant "FALSE"

    bz201 Newbie


      I have a question about accessing an entity bean (READ-WRITE) from multiple-threads. Recently we are converting a weblogic entity bean to JBoss. That bean was configured with Reentrant set to "False". In weblogic, the cache-strategy is set to "READ-WRITE".

      In JBoss, if I send multiple request to the same entity bean instance (same primary key), I always get "RemoteException: Reentrant method call detected...".

      To my understanding in weblogic, such contention should be locked and only one thread could go to use the bean. The other threads will wait until that one finishes. I examined the standardjboss.xml, it seems the EntityLockIntercepter should perform the similar locking mechanism here. But it doesn't seem so. Am I missed something out here?

      Any help is appreciated.