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    deployment error with mysql



      I am trying to port an existing application from oracle to mysql.
      Deploying the jar file leads to the following error:

      org.jboss.deployment.DeploymentException: Error while adding foreign key constraint; - nested throwable: (java.sql.SQLException: Syntax error or access violation, message from server: "You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ' RULETYPE_ID (SERVICE_ID, RULETYPE_ID), ADD CONSTRAINT fk_RULED")]

      It seems that all tables for the entity beans can be generated but that there is a problem with the relations (beans, relations, ... are generated with middlegen).
      Can I see somewhere which SQL statements are generated for creating the tables ...?

      Any hint, what the problem could be? ( I don't know too much about SQL databases.)