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    Missing ejb-link should use jboss-web.xml

    butman Newbie

      If <ejb-link> is not inside a <local-ejb-ref> tag inside
      web.xml, then shouldn't JBoss use <ejb-local-ref> in

      I am using JBoss3.2.2RC3.

      This works with WebLogic 8.1. If the <ejb-link> is not
      found in <local-ejb-ref> inside web.xml, then it uses
      its vendor specific web.xml file. I thought JBoss should do the same.

      This would allow me not to be affected by the differences in how WebLogic and JBoss handle the <ejb-link> tag.

      For WebLogic to work, I need to specify the contents of <ejb-link> in a different way than for JBoss. For WebLogic, the jar file must be pointed to relative to the root of the EAR file. For JBoss, the ejb name can be entered, or the jar file location relative to META-INF/lib in the EAR file (not the root like in WebLogic 8.1)

      Daniel Butman

      PS Second question. Is there a way to turn on the LenientEjbLink flag mentioned that was added to JBoss 3.2.2RC3? I would rather have the first question happen meaning that JBoss use jboss-web.xml for an EJB ref rather than set a flag.