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    SLSB still alive after undeploy.

    Winston Ng Newbie


      I've got a stateless session bean that setup a listener for Timer MBean notification and has a method for client to add a timer. Upon notification, it'd just print out a simple message containing the SLSB's hashcode and the notification content.

      Here's what I notice:
      1. Bean deployed.
      2. Client adds a timer and upon expiry the notification is received correctly.
      3. Bean undeployed successfully.
      4. Same Bean deployed again.
      5. Client adds a timer.
      6. Upon expiration, 2 SLSB now prints out the notification details. One with the same hashcode as step #2.

      I thought undeploying bean would kill all related instances of bean in the container? If not, how can I kill all instances of the bean without having to restart the container?

      Thanks for any advise.