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    EJB Deployment

    mr86 Newbie


      I have written a Stateful Session Bean and do not know how to deploy it with JBOSS.
      What I have is the Home Interface, the Remote Interface and the Bean Implementation class itself.
      I do also have a ejb-jar.xml File for that Bean.

      I do know that these components are ok, because I developed and deployed them with the SunOneStudio 7 Enterprise Edition with Application Server. And it did work!
      But I can't go on working with the SunOneStudio EE, because it was the 60 days trial version. So I was looking for an alternative -> JBOSS. I did try various things to deploy the EJB with JBOSS - but it did never work.
      When I try to use my Bean, I get the error message that my Bean Name is not bound (obviously the EJB is unknown).

      Can anybody tell me how I can deploy my EJB with JBOSS (the more detailed you answer the better it is)
      How does the Bean.JAR-archive structure has to look like?


      Since I only have a generated ejb-jar.xml file, it would be nice if you could double-check it. But it should be ok.

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


      This value was set as a default by Sun ONE Studio.