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    Deploy EJB from JDEveloper.

    gsarno Newbie

      I'm currently using JDeveloper,
      for EJB work.

      I know that Jdeveloper can provide deployment descriptors fro Jboss.

      Has anyone ever tried this ?

      Do I need to create extra file or it all just work?


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          Jon Martin Solaas Newbie

          JDeveloper will create a jboss.xml file for you. The and tags will be created for you as well, so it'll all just work :-)

          Seriously, you'll have to fill in all the stuff in the xml file yourself, there is no gui dialogues for jboss deployment options in jdev.

          On the bright side, all the other, j2ee-compliant, descriptors (like ejb.xml, web.xml ...) will be created for you. Just point jdev to the jboss deploy dir, and you can hot-deploy your ears directly into jboss. Jboss also seems to run many things quite well just by the defaults, so it's not a big problem that extensive jboss-specific support isn't present in jdev. Basically all you have to configure specifically for jboss is datasources. You don't need a gui for that.