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    Concurrency and Reentrancy newbie question

    apierini Newbie

      Hi to all,

      I have three stateful session EJBs: A, B and C.
      A has references to B and C; B and C have a reference to A:
      / \
      B C
      Method Bx of B calls method Ax of A; Ax calls method Cx of C; Cx calls method Ay of A:

      If I try to do this under JBoss I get a "Application Error: no concurrent calls on stateful beans"; I think that there are two problems:
      1) B and C calls methods on A (concurrency)
      2) A calls a method on C and C calls a different method on A (reentrancy) with a loop risk

      Is concurrency and/or reentrancy allowed by the specification and how can I handle them? Can you give me some hints or point me to some good documentation?

      Sorry if these are stupid questions, but I'm a newbie in J2EE development ...

      Bye and thanks in advance,
      Andrea Pierini