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    .jar deployed, EJB did not

    thummp Newbie

      I first posted this on the beginners forum, but I though I might also post it here.

      I have been trying for over a week to deploy a client server application on JBoss. We are considering switching over from Weblogic where it has been running successfully for years.

      While I have no problem getting the excellent OReilly examples to run, I am unable to get my own EJBs to deploy. Like the titan examples, I have my home, remote, and bean classes. I have carefully created the ejb-jar.xml and jboss.xml files with the proper settings.

      But when I deploy the .jar file all I see is that it has been started and deployed. I do not see the output telling me the bean itself has been deployed and I cannot find the jndi name on the jmx-console. What vexes me is the lack of an error telling me why the bean failed to deploy.

      How do I even start to determine the cause of this problem?

      From server log
      14:15:40,507 INFO [MainDeployer] Starting deployment of package: file:/E:/JBoss/server/isds/deploy/isds.jar
      14:15:40,554 INFO [MainDeployer] Deployed package: file:/E:/JBoss/server/isds/deploy/isds.jar

      From the jmx-console jboss.j2ee

      My class declarations:

      public class ISDSSessionPK implements Identity, java.io.Serializable {
      public interface ISDSSessionHome extends EJBHome {
      public class ISDSSessionBean extends com.project.isds.EntityBeanImpl implements EntityBean
      public interface ISDSSession extends EJBObject {

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          Adrian Brock Master

          Your jar is not correct.

          jar -tf isds.jar
          it should have a

          The case IS important.

          JBoss is very strict about deploying applications. This ensures
          that applications developed on JBoss will work on other
          app servers. The same is not true for other app servers.


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            thummp Newbie

            Yup, that's the problem.
            From my perspective, requiring META-INF to be upper case had the opposite consequence of what you intended. It made it so that beans working on another appserver did not work on JBoss. It probably couldn't hurt to check for meta-inf and throw an error.