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    3.0.4 -> 3.2.2RC3

    Aaron Newbie


      Recently we have changed from JBoss 3.0.4 -> JBoss 3.2.2 RC3, to use the optimistic-locking ejb policy. However since the upgrade we have gradually been noticing more and more high memory usage and sluggish behaviour of JBoss over periods of usually around a day or more.

      Generally what occurs is we reboot / restart jboss and redeploy and then approximately 8 hours later (and relatively continual use) we see memory usage rise to around 800megs (this has been a gradual increase) and performance of the overall system falls down.

      We were hoping that someone else has seen a similar problem and has either a solution or could suggest something for us to look into?


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          Jon Barnett Master

          Although JBoss 3.2.x is fairly stable with memory, except for continual application redeployments (I assume this isn't the case for a production system), it could exacerbate any memory leaks. Look through the performance forum for problems that fit your scenario. However, a place to look is at the JDBC drivers (have these changed in the migration?) and the hsqldb (for increasing open network connections). I would also start looking at using a memory profiler to investigate further if nothing becomes apparent.

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            Aaron Newbie

            We are using a new set of JDBC drivers, specifically the latest MSSQL drivers from MS, im hoping to test dropping these back to the older ones to see if this is causing our leak.

            The hsqldb is still in use and I don't know why, as we use MSSQL server, why do we still need the hsqldb database setup? I think a different module in jboss uses it and hence has been left in.

            Also what memory profilers would you suggest using ? And strategys to use them.. Im looking through the prior posts on memory optimizers and use at the moment.

            thanks once again for the help =)

            ps if possible these posts should be shifted to the performance forum, my bad for not posting there in the first place.

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              Jon Barnett Master

              I think jmemprof is a good open source one. JProbe is good. I like OptimizeIt but also costs. We actually ordered OptimizeIt and ended up using it frequently but jmemprof was handy while we waited for delivery, and turned out to be quite powerful. I'm regretting a bit that we shelled out now since we did solve our problems with jmemprof. YMMV.

              I would try to isolate the issue if you can by doing some broad sweeps. The difficulty will lie in being able to reproduce the issue. Some things you may not be able to track so be aware that stored procedures can also have some unexpected effects. I think from past forum issues, there are quite a few that went back to changes in the JDBC drivers.