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    Integration of axis and web services

    pdh Newbie

      First of all, apologies if this has been posted before, but a search through the site has not yet revealed the answer!

      I have an existing service deployed on Axis integrated with the Orion app server which I want to move over to JBOSS. I can deploy the EJB fine. I've got Axis fired up by copying the relevant files from xml-axis-10 folder into the axis.war folder. And finally I have redeployed my service using the server-config.wsdd file I used under the Orion/Axis combo.

      The service shows up as correctly deployed according to the dump of services available from http://localhost:8080/axis.

      However, the service is having a problem finding the EJB as I cannot fathom out the JNDI config. The Orion/Axis combo used settings in web.xml but these cause the JBOSS setup to fail with a problem in the Jetty service - various messages along the lines of 'incomplete deplyment listing etc'

      Anyone done what I want to do?
      If not, can anyone see what I need to set up? What's the obvious error?!

      BTW I havent got JBOSS.NET around. From what I've seen so far I dont need this [but correct me if I'm wrong!].