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      Okay, I've attached the following files
      + ejb-jar.xml which is included in the META-INF directory of fc-ejb.jar
      + jboss.xml which is also included in the META-INF of fc-ejb.jar
      + web.xml which becomes the application.xml file for fc-ejbs.ear
      + trace from the log file from where I deployed my .ear file.

      Look in the trace for the phrase "alreadyexists" (all one word, case insensitive). I'm getting an exception telling me that my fc-ejbs.ear file cannot be registered because it is already registered.

      I have not included the entire log file because it hits around 20MB but I did a search for the major fc-ejbs.ear components in the entire file and there is no indication of it being registered or anything of that name being recognized by JBoss prior to deployment of the .ear.

      From a process point of view I shut down JBoss, deleted my .ear file, started JBoss and waited for it finish startup and then deployed the .ear file so I have a high degree of certainty that the error message is self-contained within the .ear file.

      From a structural standpoint the only thing that the .ear file contains is the fc-ejbs.jar file and the web.xml that declares the ejb jar file.

      What have I done wrong in my deployment descriptors that results in this error?

      Many thanks!