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    Unable to passivate

    Rajeev Chitamoor Newbie

      I recently started noticing the following WARNING messages in the jboss alert log

      2003-10-16 12:04:49,054 WARN AbstractInstanceCache- Unable to passivate due to ctx lock, id=...)

      I assume this is a result of the fact that some of the Beans that are being
      passivated are either locked or held up in a transaction, and therefore
      cannot be passivated. We do have some transactions that span a couple of
      minutes involving hundreds of Beans. We are using Commit option A and

      Couple of questions:
      - First off, does this WARN message indicate an
      underlying problem that should be addressed right
      away, or, is this normal ?.

      - Since some of our Beans are involved in long
      running transactions, is it a good idea to increase
      the Cache interval (or some other param) so as to
      reduce the likelihood of passivation for the Beans
      that are involved in a long running transaction.

      Other details:
      JBoss version : 3.2.1

      Any help would be appreciated


      - Rajeev