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    Configuring the xml's(jbosscmp-jdbc.xml, ejb-jar.xml,jboss.x

    shrinagu Newbie

      Hi All,

      Can anyone tell me how to configure, what all to configure the xml files in ( META-INF folder ) to deploy an Entity bean ( CMP and BMP).

      I have deployed Sesssion beans, now i am trying to work on CMP's and BMP's, have written all the classes , but i donno, how to configure the xmls. I am usiong Oracle 9 DB..

      Is there anything else , anywhere i have to configure ..

      I have created the tables in the database. and also have populated some values..

      It would be veryhelp ful for me, if some one could help me put.

      Herewith i am attaching the files,

      Any help would be highly appreciated..

      Thanks in Advance..