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    Jboss & EJB :where is the magic for a developer?

    Pronob Newbie

      Hello friends & foes,
      This is my first day of interest in Jboss. I was seduced by the idea that Jboss effectively wraps up any simple java program to give effectively J2EE compatibilty. My question is if I want to write a 'session bean' or' entity bean' do I forget about the interfaces I have to implement and just work on the concept that I am maintaining a sesssion and what I am writing will take request and send response to maintain a session conersation-more like a common cgi program but at the same time I am able to talk to an entity bean to update some value beyond session. Similarly I should be able to write an entity bean with the simple concept that the entities are thier forever for me to read or update again with out the necessity of writing cumbersome interface implementation. Can Jboss do things like this? Could you please answer right away -to push me to have a plunge into The Jboss?