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    when and why is jboss removing passivated state file

    bo_hari Newbie

      i've got a problem with stateful session beans:

      about 30 min after the passivation of a bean, where the session state ist saved to a file, the StatefulSessionFilePersistenceManager deletes that file!
      of course, the next client request leads to a FileNotFoundException when the StatefulSessionFilePersistenceManager tries to read the session state from the deleted file.

      is there a possibility to prevent this behaviour?


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          Jon Barnett Master

          Either change the global container configuration for stateless session beans in conf/standardjboss.xml or define your on container configuration in the local jboss.xml for your EJB.

          The two parameters of importance to you are remover-period and max-bean-life.

          The first indicates the period of the timer task that will scan the cache and
          the passivation storage (currently the filesystem) of stateful beans in
          search of beans that have age > max-bean-life. If it finds them, it removes
          them, from the cache if they're there, from the storage if they have been