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    Multithreading and deadlock - JRMPInvoker

    Jens Mosbergvik Newbie

      Hi everyone.

      I am experiencing serious trouble with a multithreaded rich Java client that performs a lot of EJB calls to stateless EJBs on JBoss3.2.2. We have 10 threads and each thread performs about 5-10 method calls pr second.

      The problem is that some of the treads gets locked in the remote EJB method call and never returns. This seems to happen when two or more threads performs a method call almost simoultanesly.

      A lot of debugging has proven that the JRMPInvokerProxy.invoke() nevern returns.

      1. Each thread has its own InitialContext and JAAS LoginContext (standard ClientLoginModule). The JAAS client config file auth.conf shows:
      client-login {
      org.jboss.security.ClientLoginModule required

      2. We use the DatabaseLoginModule (Sybase database) on server side.

      3. We use the default JRMPInvoker with JBoss.

      4. Both client and JBoss server runs on JDK131 for Unix SPARC 64 bit. The same problem occurs when client and server runs on Windows 2000 JDK 131.

      I would appreciate any comments on this issue. Perhaps there is another Invoker than the JRMPInvoker that is better? Or should I treat the InitialContext or JAAS logincontext differently?