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    BMP EJBs Creating Duplicates in Ver 3.2.3.

    rgc3679 Newbie

      I have encountered a problem with BMP EJBs on JBoss 3.2.3 that I haven't seen in previous versions.

      I have a test app with a simple BMP entity bean whose ejbStore appears to be called twice in succession by the container. This is causing duplicates to be created in the database.

      Has anyone else seen this type of behavior?


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          fdon Newbie

          Encountered it today, for BMP too, on 3.2.2
          We had a severe trouble as we used a CMP to store the state of a BMP bean. As it appeared, the double ejbStore is a recursive call and for some reason, something triggered a sync, which triggered more ejbStore, which in turn ... which lead to StackOverflow and OutOfMemory exceptions.

          So, as a temporary fix, we added a boolean variable to ensure that if our BMP was already in ejbStore, the recursive call would end immediately. But this is a hack and any explanation on that double ejbStore behaviour will be welcome.