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    Debugging JBoss + Eclipse

    b_boyle18 Newbie

      I'm running JBoss-3.0.8 in Eclipse and I'm wondering does anyone know how I can debug my code. I am running my client with an Ant build file but I don't know how to debug it, the normal way won't work.
      Hope someone can help!!

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          Vishal Sharma Expert

          What do u mean normal way doesn't work.
          Put some debugging statements in yr code and if that doesnt hlep use eclipse debugger, like breakpoints and and then analyse the calls and stack.

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            b_boyle18 Newbie

            I know how use the Eclipse debugger and that is what is not working for me. I want to analyse my calls and stacks but when I use the debugger in Eclipse my application doesn't work. I think it is because I am debugging my code that has not been deployed to JBoss. When I use Ant to run my code that has been ddeployed to JBoss it works fine. What I am looking for is a way to use the Eclipse debugger to debug my deployed code.
            Thanks, B

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              b_boyle18 Newbie

              I've fixed this problem. I hadn't got all the correct jar files from the client folder in JBoss in my classpath. After I did that I was able to use the Eclipse debugger.