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    classloading from client to jboss over rmi

    Brad Leupen Newbie


      i have written a simple SSB that exposes a single remote method:

      public Object doJob(iJob job) throws RemoteException;

      i have written a client that calls this method and submits an instance of iJob that is NOT on JBoss' classpath. i would like for JBoss to download this class from the rmi client but i cannot make it work.

      for example:

      jobSSb.doJob(new MyJob());

      JBoss throws a ClassNotFoundException when i run the client.

      i have set the -Djava.rmi.server.codebase flag on the client but JBoss seems to ignore it. i have written a small rmi server that successfully downloads the client's MyJob class. however JBoss will not do this.