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    JNDI problem

    mhugom Newbie

      I am having problems with JNDI lookups of beans held on another machine. What I am trying to achieve are 2 instances of JBoss running on different machines (lets say Server A and Server B). The JNDI Server on Server B is to do the lookup for the requested bean and Server A's JNS to point to the Server B's JNDI. Thus a call to a beans Home interface on Server A will result in a bean lookup on Server B.
      I have changed the jndi.properties of Server A to point to Server B using java.naming.provider.url=jnp://ServerBname:1099. Looking at the JNDIView list on Server A both Servers are listed but the beans on Server B do not seem to exist.
      If someone could tell me what else I have to configure it would be much appreciated.

      Kind Regards