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    ClassLoader and Local Interfaces

    Chad La Joie Newbie

      In an attempt to make wars load in thier own isolated class loaders, to avoid library version conflicts, we have set Java2ClassLoadingCompliance and UseJBossWebLoader to false in the jboss-service descriptor for JBossWeb in JBoss version 3.2.3.

      This accomplished what we were after, however, it now appears that our web applications can not use the local interfaces of our EJB (either entity or session). When we attempt to look up the local home interfaces we always get a null back. Getting an enumerated list of the names bound in the context that we deployed our beans in shows the local interfaces are bound.

      Can someone shed some light on this?

      And yes, the webapps are in the same JVM as the beans, they're running in the same JBoss server instance as the beans are deployed in.