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    One Entity-Bean - Many DBs (Multi-DB support)

    Marco Schulze Newbie


      I saw that already some other people had the same or a similar question, but noone answered it yet:

      I need to have the possibility to decide according to the current situation from which database an EntityBean is loaded. How can I achieve this?

      And: I need to create and deploy databases at runtime. I can't register them in an xml-file. How can I do that?

      The purpose is the following: Every user has his own database. All DBs have the same structure, but different data. Because one user can interact with the data of other users, it's not sufficient to have the data completely separated by user, but everytime, an entity bean is loaded, I have to define, from which database. When I create a new user, a new database is created (and deployed) as well.

      Please help, it's urgent! If this does not work with CMP, I've to look for another possibility. Thus, I please you for any good suggestion (CMP or not), if you have done sth. similar already.

      Best regards, Marco.