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    don't receieve NoSuchObjectLocalException as should

    Erez Efrati Newbie

      I am running on JBoss 3.2.1.

      I am trying to catch an exception for handling the case where a Stateful session EJB has thrown an EJBException due to some error and is no longer available. On the next call to the session, according to the EJB Spec it should throw me an NoSuchObjectLocalException (I am working in local mode). Unfortunately JBOss does not do that, and instead I receive an EJBException wrapping another exception of java.rmi.NoSuchObjectException.

      Here is just the catch clause:

      // THIS the version that does not catch anything
      catch (NoSuchObjectLocalException e) {
       // Subsequent invocations will create a new Searcher
       m_searcher = null;
       throw new SearcherTimeoutException (e);
      // This catches the exception
      catch (EJBException e) {
       Exception cause = e.getCausedByException();

      Can someone please help, I would really appreciate it,

      Thanks in advance,