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    Corba Client accessing an EJB

    stanimir Newbie

      Hi everybody,
      I have deployed an IIOP enabled stateless session EJB on JBOSS.
      I must access EJB's methods from a CORBA client written in Forte.
      My questions are :
      Should I generate IDL interfaces of my EJB or they are generated at deployment time???

      By the way I know that the client stub is generated at deployment time,
      but how my Forte client will download it at runtime???

      Where this stub is kept in JBOSS???

      I imagine, my client need it in order to call the EJB methods.

      Can anybody handle these questions??

      Thank you very much.


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          Adrian Brock Master

          The automatic generation is the stubs:

          If you have a java client you can install a security manager and allow
          the rmi-iiop stub to be downloaded from jboss.
          e.g. System.setSecurityManager(new RMISecurityManager());

          Otherwise you will need to run rmic with -iiop to generate the iiop stubs.

          If you want to generate the idl as well, you will have to pass -idl to rmic


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            stanimir Newbie

            Hi Adrian,
            Thank you very much.
            My client is a Forte client.
            So should I have a SecurityManager or not?

            By the way Should I generate the IDL interfaces or just generate the IIOP stubs so my Forte client could use the EJB methods????

            What do you think???

            Thank you.