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    how tio access ejbs deployed in other applications

    Jay Hombal Newbie

      Hi Friends,
      We have two applications Totalmanage and Broker. All the EJBs used by both applications have been bundled in Totalmanage ear file. This has been implemented in this way from the start. We used Orion which has parent child relation ship so Broker web app could acess all the ejbs deployed in Totalmanage using the ejb-ref tag in web.xml file.
      But now with Jboss things change, I have defined ejb-ref as well as jndi-names in jboss-web.xml file but I am getting errors in deploying the been.
      It complains for the last been configured in the file with error

      NamingException:ejb-ref for x bean no ejb-link and no jndi-name in jboss-web.xml

      can u advise what might be going wrong here... this bean works fine with other server..

      any thoughts are helpful